Premier Doulas of Houston

A collective of 6 doulas coming together to support each other to support you and your family.
Offering full family support for fertility through the fourth trimester. More than 30 collective years of experience supporting families of all kinds.

All people and all families deserve to make the transition into parenthood with respect, support, and understanding.

The journey into parenthood is full of questions.  We are a collective of trained doulas here to help you find the answers that will best guide you to reach your destination.   We have modern solutions to the age-old questions new parents have always had.  We believe pregnancy, birth, and parenthood is beautiful, and we also know that having help and support along the way is necessary. We all know this shit is hard, but we’ve got you.

Our doulas are trained for fertility, from the basics of learning about tracking menstrual cycles to find your most fertile days to conceive, to helping you find new paths when science and technology are required to conceive.

We are all trained as labor support, with evidence based knowledge and skills to help you cope with labor and delivery for whatever type of birth you want.  Home birth, birth center, hospital, epidural or not, planned cesarean, hypnosis, or multiples, we will help educate you and prepare for the birth you are planning for, then will be there to squeeze your hips, get you another drink of water, and support you until the baby arrives.

Our postpartum doulas have modern, evidence based, time tested, and safe solutions for parenting newborns.  We will be there as an extra set of hands, a pair of listening ears, and a caretaker to parent the parent on those days and nights that blend into one another in those early months after birth and bringing the baby home.

We recognize the systemic oppression, discrimination, and marginalization that many families face as they seek a safe birth experience. We believe that all families and parents deserve respect, autonomy, and safety in their birthing space.

Beyond being doulas, we are all friends.  We all support each other, laugh together, cry together, share new and old knowledge, and back each other up.

Support and Education

Evidence based practices

Open minded and compassionate

Your birth your way

Respect and support

Safe newborn sleep and feeding practices

6 doulas, one team, full spectrum support

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