Kelley Ellis


Labor and Birth Support

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In person: St. Louis, MO

Virtual: Anywhere!

I’m going to meet you where you are

I’m Kelley, mom to 3 boys, married to the guy I fell in love with in high school.

I became obsessed with birth after our first was born via cesarean after an induction for “dates” for “failure to progress.” Air quotes intended. The disappointment I felt surprised me; I dove into research about birth in America.  I learned all about my fertility, chose a provider who would be supportive of a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and hired a doula.  Best laid plans and all that… I had a cesarean for high blood pressure at 42 weeks.  I still felt some disappointment over his birth, but because I was educated and well supported, I knew we had made the best decisions with the options we had.  I still planned for VBA2C for baby #3, and was able to push him out of my body right into his daddy’s hands – with a lot of help from my medical team for high blood pressure again, and so much support from my doula.

When the offshore oil and gas industry got flip-turned upside down and my structural engineering days were forced to end, I decided to follow my passion and dreams and become a birth doula.

I see my role as a doula like being a good coach. I’m on the sidelines with all the information for you, but you’re the one who has to execute the plays. I’m here to educate you and support you whether you’re having a baby at home in the water with twinkle lights, epidural or not at the hospital, or a planned cesarean. I’m going to meet you where you are and dig down into that hole with you.

When I’m not doula-ing, I’m training Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai, at the baseball fields, at a choir or band event, playing banjo at church, or I’ve got my nose stuck in a book. And I’m always down for some Tex-Mex.